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    Dead last

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    Gold in Waterville, NH - 2011

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    Nickname: Javelin or Long Dart

    Best moment in ski racing: Winning US Nationals/ making the team

    Worst moment in ski racing:  Lacerating my face during Super G at Kimberly

    Person you look up to the most in ski racing: Alison Jones

    On your iPod: Hinder, Creed, Country, Rap…everything!

    Favorite Movie: Water for Elephants

    Goals for the 2012-2013 season: To get on the A-team and to get good results

    Favorite professional sports team and why: All of them

    If you were to have a dinner party with you and 4 other guests, who would you invite: Taylor Lautner, Will Ferrell, my mom, and my sister

    Favorite activities other than skiing: Quading and Hiking

    Superstitions: Karma

    What's a talent you wish you had: Playing the piano

    If you weren't a skier what would you be: A couch potato  

    Funniest thing you’ve seen in ski racing: Staci being close-lined after a race

    Most embarrassing moment: Getting stuck in an elevator on my way to team meeting

    Describe yourself in three words: Bouncy, happy, and hungry

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