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Branding Guidelines

The Adaptive Spirit branding guidelines, or visual identity standards, create a uniform visual language that minimizes the need for translation, and ensures that all Adaptive Spirit marketing materials are consistently recognizable in a variety of media and environments.

Specifications, such as approved logo usage, colors, logo sizing and usage by application are addressed in the Visual Identity Guidelines.

The Adaptive Spirit logos are available for anyone designing or supplying communication materials for or associated with Adaptive Spirit. Proper usage of the logo is important to the marketing success of Adaptive Spirit. It is not necessary or acceptable to alter the elements in any way without permission from Adaptive Spirit or S&D Marketing | Advertising.
General Rules
• The primary logo (shown below) should always be used unless otherwise specified.
• Maintain size and spacing ratios of each component.
• Never stretch or distort the logo.
• Do not change or manipulate the fonts in any way.
• Use only specified colors.
Digital Files


Adaptive Spirit Logo (Primary_PMS)
Adaptive Spirit Logo (Primary_BW)



If you would like a different format of the logo please email us at


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