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2013 Adult Race Results

04-12-2013 - (Vail, CO)

The 2013 Adult Race brought together 260 racers and 52 teams. The Competitive Division posted some great times as well as the Sport Division.

Here is a breakdown of the top 3 teams from each Division:

1. HBO: 133.32 total seconds
Peter Ban, Brenda Kirwood, Jeff Kirwood, Clay Kirwood, Laurie Stephens
2. Cox Communications: 145.72 total seconds
Marni Seserman, Mick Obeleski, Kate Kirwood, Nick Kirwood, Ralph Green
3. Disney & ESPN Networks: 152.92 total seconds
Steve Raymond, Jennifer Zanca, Ben Thromb, Jason Johanning, Lindsay Ball & Diane Barras

1. Deluxe Digital: 203.53 total seconds
Chris Ritter, Craig Heiting, Jeff Chen, Wendy Chen, Allison Jones
2. Cisco 3: 203.81 total seconds
John Valiquette, Jeannie Valiquette, Laurie Colburn, Kevin Jones, Tyler Walker
3. Technicolor 2: 210.06 total seconds
Ross Gilson, Z, Jim Medica, Dean Osbourne, Meghan Erickson

In addition to the top team results, here is a breakdown of the Fastest Females, Fastest Males, Top 3 Snowboarders and the Masters Male & Female:

Fastest Females
1. Marni Seserman, Cox, 25.82 seconds
2. Brenda Kirwood, HBO, 27.08 seconds
3. Jennifer Zanca, Disney & ESPN Networks, 27.30 seconds

Fastest Males
1. Ben Thromb, Cox, 24.08 seconds
2. Clay Kirwood, HBO, 24.18 seconds
3. Jeff Kirwood, HBO, 24.59 seconds

Top Snowboarders
1. John McComuskie, SeaChange, 30.86 seconds
2. Ross Gilson, Technicolor, 35.32 seconds
3. Jeff Pratt, AMDOCS, 39.87 seconds

Masters Male & Female
1. Crawford Hamilton, ION Media, 30.67 seconds

Finally, each year we hand out 3 very special awards to the Best Dressed, the Best Crash & the Most Time on Course. Here are this year's winners:

Best Dressed (Zoot Suits & Flapper): CAS Group
Best Crash: Derek Thibideau, Guest of Vubiquity
Most Time Spent on Course: Huawei or the Highway, 413.41 seconds

For complete race results, click on the link below.

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