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Why Sponsor

The earlier you commit, the more exposure your company receives.

Why become a Sponsor?

Our annual event has been called the best networking event in the industry. Hundreds of companies attend and it offers a unique environment where relationships are created and cemented. These connections translate to bottom-line growth.

And we’ve got the research to prove it:

  • Satisfaction with Adaptive Spirit continues to be high with 91% of respondents giving the event overall a four or five rating (Likert scale of 1 being “poor” to 5 being “excellent”).

  • Loyalty to Adaptive Spirit remains high with 69% of attendees attending more than one year.

Who Attends the Event?

The Event is well known for attracting an eclectic group of CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, senior executives and decision-makers from a variety of industry sectors.

Check out the member list from 2022


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