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The Adaptive Spirit Athlete Partnership (ASAP) was created to support U.S. Paralympic Ski Team athletes who need additional funding beyond what the team provides. The mission of the ASAP is to diminish financial uncertainty and allow athletes to focus on their racing and realize their dreams. Through the ASAP, we create a way to connect athletes in need to a non-profit funding mechanism supported by the generous donations from the broadband industry. You can become the force behind these world-class athletes by adding your name to the list of dedicated donors, past and present.

There are two ways we support athletes through the ASAP: Direct Athlete Sponsorship and ASAP support for racing and training expenses through No Excuses Unlimited.

  1. Direct Athlete Sponsorship: An athlete may enter into an agreement to wear a sponsor company's logo on their headgear (helmet and hat). Often these agreements also include public appearances on behalf of the brand or other company marketing support. We have case studies and examples of previous sponsor/athlete interaction.
  2. ASAP Support: Funded primarily by Adaptive Spirit’s Silent Auction and administered by No Excuses Unlimited (NEU), ASAP funds are granted based on an application process. Adaptive Spirit and No Excuses Unlimited supplement the partnership with other fund raising activities when available.

ASAP is guided by a committee consisting of the ASAP Co-Chairs, the No Excuses Unlimited treasurer and Event Committee co-chair. The partnership is administered by No Excuses Unlimited, a 501(c)(3), publicly supported charity. Complete information and the ability to donate through a secure online method can be found at the No Excuses Unlimited website. They accept donations throughout the year so feel free to visit the site on a regular basis.

For more information on the Adaptive Spirit Athlete Partnership contact:

Kevin Hord
ASAP Co-Chair
Full Circle Fiber Partners
VP Supply Chain
E-mail Kevin
Greg Riker
ASAP Co-Chair
Chief Revenue Officer
E-mail Greg


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