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AS2024 Registration

AS2024 Registration

It's time to register for AS2024.There is a new registration site this year so it’s important to have everything you need ahead of time so you can breeze through the process once you start. We've put together an easy reference guide including a check list of what you need to make the process quick and easy.

If you are a sponsor company, you should have received an email with a dedicated link to your company's own registration page. After you download the reference guide click on this dedicated link and follow the steps to get registered. It's that easy!

If you are a guest of a sponsor and have been sent to this page to register, please click on the main registration page to choose your credential options and begin the process. If you have questions or run into trouble, email us here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Here is a quick list of registration types who should be using the main registration page.

Guest Credential 18+

You are an additional sponsor guest or activity sponsor

Guest Credential + 1 lift ticket

You are an additional sponsor guest or activity sponsor who needs a lift ticket

Guest Credential + 2 lift tickets

You are an additional sponsor guest or activity sponsor who needs two lift tickets

Guest Credential + 1 foot pass

You are an additional sponsor guest or activity sponsor who needs a foot pass

Guest Credential Youth

You are registering for a youth ages 5 to 17











AS2024 Prices (good through March 22)

Adult Guests 18+ — $950
Youth Age 13 to 17 — $350 (includes credential and may attend Podium Bash)
Youth Age 5 to 12 — $350 (includes credential but may not attend Podium Bash)
Youth 4 and under — Free
Adult Guests 18+ — $425 (Thursday, Friday or Saturday)
Youth Age 13 to 17 — $175 (Thursday, Friday or Saturday)
Lift ticket — $130 (per ticket) No refunds availalble for pre-purchased lift tickets
Mountain pass — $33 (per pass)
Youth Age 4 and under — Free (must be acquired at Vail Mountain ticket window)
NO lift tickets will be sold on site

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