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What is the Adaptive Spirit Annual Event?

Every year, Adaptive Spirit executes the best telecom networking event in the industry. We strive to unite Adaptive Spirit members with vendors and resources that enhance the outcome of their business dealings. We also share best industry practices with our high-level education panels during the weekend. It also serves to generate a large portion of the operating budget for the U.S. Para Ski & Snowboard Team each year. The event raises funds that directly benefit the remarkable athleticism and competitive spirit of the team, allowing the organization to remain the top adaptive ski team in the world.

Do the members of the U.S. Para Ski & Snowboard Team attend the Annual Event?

Absolutely! The U.S. Para Ski & Snowboard Team not only attends the event, but also actively participates in all of the weekend events. Throughout the event, attendees have an opportunity to meet and interact with these incredible athletes. Together, laughs are shared, stories are told and lasting friendships are created. The emotional bond formed between the athletes and Adaptive Spirit's participants is one of the main reasons this event continues to grow and flourish year after year.

How can I become involved in the Annual Event?

There are a variety of ways to become involved with Adaptive Spirit. In fact, your involvement is the key to our success! Beyond attending the event and meeting and interacting with the athletes directly, there are volunteer opportunities during the weekend, committee work that is done during the year that needs additional expertise and volunteer efforts, plus a number of sponsorship and contribution opportunities that you or your company may wish to try.

For more Volunteer information email Stacey Slaughter.. 

How long has Adaptive Spirit been in existence?

In 1995, CTAM of the Rocky Mountains (a regional chapter of CTAM, the cable industry’s association of marketing executives) wanted to create an event that could raise money for a worthy cause and become a signature event for the chapter. The chapter’s board members learned that the US National Paralympic Ski Team had lost its funding and was in danger of disbanding. The chapter leadership quickly concluded that the team’s survival was the perfect cause for a Rocky Mountain–based organization to embrace, and an event designed to fund the team had the potential to draw executives from across the country.

In its first year, SkiTAM ’96 attracted 110 attendees and raised $100,000 for the team — an amount that, at the time, seemed remarkable. That dollar figure, along with the support of the cable industry helped secure the Paralympic Team’s standing and its future as a team. It also triggered a chain reaction of events that led to SkiTAM ultimately emerging as the team’s financial lifeblood.

In 2010, the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) and U.S. Paralympics, a division of the U.S. Olympic Committee, announced the transition to manage elite Paralympic alpine and cross-country skiing. Also that year, Adaptive Spirit was organized to continue the cable industry support of the team and continue to produce the best networking and educational event of the industry.

How much money has Adaptive Spirit earned for the U.S. Para Ski & Snowboard Team?

To date, Adaptive Spirit has generated over $20 million to the U.S. Paralympics Ski & Snowboard Team. This money represents the majority of the Paralympic Ski Team's operating budget and is used to ensure that the team's athletes can train, compete and travel throughout the ski season.

I donít ski. Do I need a lift ticket?

No. If you wish to join the group for on-mountain activities such as Friday lunch, you only need a foot pass. The foot pass will allow you to have access to the Gondolas which have has both upload and download capabilities. Lift tickets and foot passes are available at the Adaptive Spirit Headquarters at a substantial discount. You should also know that 20% of the people that attend the Annual Event do not ski or snowboard. There are a lot of non-ski activities available in and around Vail.

If I am a sponsor or on a sponsor team, do I have to race?

The downhill race is an exciting part of the Adaptive Spirit event! On Saturday, participating racers, current team members and alumni compete side by side with recorded race times and recognition at the Podium Bash. While competitive, the races are also all in good fun—costumes and shenanigans are encouraged. Don’t ski or don't want to race? Don’t worry, 70% of attendees are spectators and that is just as fun as racing!

What are the main benefits of sponsorship?

The Annual Event's continued success depends on the generosity of its sponsors. In return for their kindness, sponsors are prominently featured in all Event marketing materials, including the organization's website, event app and all event materials. In addition, the benefits of sponsorship can be seen in the faces of the athletes, the camaraderie and unity of the team, and the preeminent performance of the adaptive skiers and snowboarders.

For Sponsorship information, click here.

What is a foot pass?

If you wish to go up the gondola but do not ski, you will need a foot pass.

Are the payments I make to Adaptive Spirit tax deductible?

Adaptive Spirit is a Section 501 (c)(6) organization. As such, all monies paid to Adaptive Spirit are not recognized as a charitable donation but may be deducted as a business expense. Adaptive Spirit will donate net proceeds of the event to the United States Olympic Committee, which is classified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Each company or individual should consult their tax advisor to determine the appropriate actions and consequences.

What is the connection between the telecom industry and the U.S. Para Ski & Snowboard Team?

The U.S. Para Ski & Snowboard Team is managed by and a part of U.S. Ski & Snowboard. Early on, several key cable industry executives recognized the need for the Paralympic Ski Team to secure additional funding to continue their operations and opportunities for adaptive athletes, and the idea for SkiTAM was born (and eventually Adaptive Spirit). In addition to securing funding for the team's operating budget, Adaptive Spirit is dedicated to increasing knowledge of the U.S. Para Ski & Snowboard Team and the Paralympics among key constituents. The intent is to attain more public support of the team while attracting additional corporate sponsorships and media exposure for these remarkable athletes.

What is the purpose of the Adaptive Spirit Annual Event?

The Annual Event is regarded as one of the telecommunications industry's best networking opportunities. In addition, by providing funds that allow the Paralympic Team's athletes to train and compete throughout the ski season, Adaptive Spirit has been influential in helping a large number of those dreams become reality.

What portion of the funds raised at Adaptive Spirit's Annual Event go to the U.S. Para Ski & Snowboard Team?

After expenses are paid, all of the funds raised at the Annual Event directly benefit the U.S. Para Ski & Snowboard Team. Adaptive Spirit has raised more than $20 million for the ski team since the program began in 1996.

What should I wear to the Annual Event?

In Colorado, we call it "Mountain Casual." That means you wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing in a casual business setting. Jeans are welcome. Gentlemen, we suggest you leave the coat and tie at home. Ladies, anything you like is fine but shoes with high heels may be a liability when you go outside. We find it important to dress in layers so you can be comfortable in the ever-changing Colorado weather. We highly recommend that you wear comfortable shoes or boots that have slip-resistant soles.

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